MASTERYS: 4th generation digital native UPS

When intuitive design, intelligence and elegance collide to create infinite possibilities



> Performance beyond all expectations

> Extremely reliable, robust and durable

> Surprisingly clever

> Tailor-made - as standard

> Discover MASTERYS GP4
> Discover MASTERYS BC+


Performance beyond all expectations

Unique in the market, MASTERYS offers the optimum combination in terms of adaptability, simplicity of installation, operating efficiency, reliability, energy efficiency and reduced operating costs – and will support you through the digital transformation.


performance.jpg fast-deployment.jpg storage.jpg maintenance.jpg eco-regulation.jpg digital-native.jpg
Enhanced performance without condition apply Flexible installation, fast deployment, reduced costs Ready for new backup storage technology Optimised maintenance operations Anticipates changing eco-regulations Digital native & connected solution


Extremely reliable, robust and durable

The new MASTERYS range has been designed and produced in our European manufacturing facility, where attention to detail and quality - as well as customer service - have been at the heart of what we do for over 50 years.


certified-reliability.jpg seismic-resistant.jpg
Superior certified reliability Seismic resistant


Tailor-made - as standard

With a tailor-made approach, MASTERYS have been designed to be easily configured during order processing - making it easy to design for retrofit within existing installations or to replace obsolete UPS equipment.


retrofit.jpg flexibility.jpg
Ready to retrofit within existing installations Complete flexibility - to meet specific needs


Discover the 4th generation of MASTERYS UPS

> MASTERYS GP4 from 60 to 160 kVA
> MASTERYS BC+ from 100 to 160 kVA