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You need core balance transformers to install fault detection and locating units. These enclose the active conductors and highlight earth fault currents.
Socomec core balance transformers meet measurement sensitivity needs and are suitable for ISOM Digiware locating systems.
Closed (ΔIP, WR and TFR series) or split (ΔIP-R series), both types are suitable for all wiring configurations.
The use of the ISOM T-15 adapter is required to connect the core balance transformers to ISOM Digiware F-60.


A complete range

All shapes and sizes are available for use with any cable/bar size and configuration.

Number of fixing options (∆IP and ∆IP-R)

Mounted on DIN rail, backplate or directly on a cable, ∆IP-R core balance transformers can adapt to any installation constraints to make wiring easier and faster.

Patented centring solution (∆IP and ∆IP-R)

This flexible cable centring accessory is a patented SOCOMEC innovation. It centres the cable within the core balance transformer to ensure accurate measurement and to improve its immunity to network disturbances. It also allows you to mount the core balance transformer directly onto the cable.

Quick to install and safe to use (ΔIP-R)

ΔIP-R split core balance transformers are quick and easy to install with their innovative "one-click" open/close system. This system, designed without any additional components, ensures safe installation.

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