Static Transfer Systems (STS) are intelligent switches providing increased supply availability, automatically transferring loads to alternative power sources when the primary power source fails or is not available. They enable flexible site maintenance ensuring high availability.

Conformity to standards

IEC 62310
IEC 60529
AS 62310
AS 60529
IEC 62310-2
AS 62310.2


Fully redundant architecture for maximum availability, minimum MTTR and risk free maintenance.


Standard features

- A smart and flexible transfer system that can be configured according to the type of load.
- Synchronised and non-synchronised sources compatibility (configurable synchronisation tolerance and switching management).
- Fuse-free or fuse-protected design.
- Output fault current sensing.
- Internal CAN Bus.
- Double maintenance bypass.
- Neutral oversizing for non-linear loads compatibility.
- Embedded Inputs, output and maintenance bypass switches (cabinet version).


Supplied by two independent alternate sources, STATYS increases the overall electrical infrasrtucture availability during abnormal events and programmed maintenance.
- Provides redundant power supply to mission critical loads to increase global uptime of the supplied system.
- Increases the power supply availability by choosing the best power supply quality.
- Provides plant segmentation and prevents fault propagation.
- Allows easy extension and easy infrastructure design, ensuring high availability of the power supply to critical applications.
- Facilitates and secures the maintenance or the modifications of the overall electrical installation (source, distribution, switchboard) while the load is kept supplied.


STATYS is available in:
- 2 wires and 2 poles switching, to be connected between phase/neutral or phase/phase.
- 3 wires arrangement without neutral for reduced cable costs and for local zoning of the applications by using insulating transformers,
- 4 wires three-phase arrangement with neutral, with or without neutral pole switching.
STATYS offers:
- Flexible digital control capacity that can adapt to any operational or electrical environment conditions.
- Capability to manage synchronised and non-synchronised sources according to load specificity.

ATSM fonction

Advanced Transformer Switching Management (ATSM). If the upstream network has no distributed neutral cable, two upstream transformers or one downstream transformer can be added to create a neutral reference point at the output. For the downstream solution, STATYS, thanks to ATSM, correctly manages the switching to limit inrush current and avoid the risk of spurious breakers.


STATYS also provides protection against:
- Main power source outage.
- Failures in the upstream power distribution system.
- Failures caused by faulty equipment supplied by the same source.
- Operator errors.


  • Data center - Power availability for servers


Standard communication features

- LCD or user-friendly 7" touch-screen multilingual graphic colour display.
- Slots for communication options.
- Dry-contact interface (configurable voltage-free contacts).
- Ethernet interface for STS monitoring via WEB pages.
- Full digital configuration and setting.

Communication options

- Dry-contact interface (configurable voltage-free contacts).
- REMOTE VIEW PRO supervision software.

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