Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment ATyS A - ATyS C


Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment
from 125 to 3200 A with integrated ATS controller

ATyS A and ATyS C are 4 pole automatic transfer switches, with positive break indication.
They incorporate the functions intended for mains/mains applications and mains/genset applications.
In automatic mode they enable the monitoring of, and the on-load changeover between, two power supply sources, in accordance with the parameters configured via DIP switches.
They are intended for use in low voltage power supply systems where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.
Remote monitoring of the ATyS C is possible through RS485 communication.


Rapid commissioning

Voltage tapping and cable harness are supplied in a single package with motorised transfer switch and ATS controller. ATyS A and C switches offer significant time saving during commissioning (process takes 2 to 3 minutes). Owing to the design that allows commissioning through eight DIP switches, a screwdriver is all that is required.

ATyS C with RS845 communication

An RS485 communication offers the remote monitoring possibilities of available power sources and their parameters & timers. Communication speed is up to 38400 bauds.

Integrated design

The integrated design of the TSE offers an easy door mounting possibility of the ATS controller with the help of wire harness. Whilst providing an IP4x protection degree it enables an access to source availability and switch position visual information, as well as to the manual remote controls option.

Watchdog relay to check product availability

ATyS A and ATyS C products are equipped with a Watchdog relay which constantly monitors your product, thereby securing the installation. This relay informs in real time the product’s availability to the user, i.e. whether it is operational and ready for source switching.

Cable harness

The cable harness is an easy way of powering ATyS A or ATyS C transfer switch systems.
It’s equipped with voltage tap offs and provides a reliable link between controller and changeover switch for:
- tracking power sources availability,
- monitoring changeover switch availability,
- an electrical interlock function,
- control and transfer between power sources.
Cable harness length is approximately 2 meters.

General characteristics

• Main/Main or Main/Genset networks.
• ATS with 3 stable positions : I - 0 - II.
• Built-in mechanical interlock.
• Emergency manual operation handle.
• Top or bottom incoming sources.
• ATS controller self-powered from sensing : 184 - 300 VAC.
• ATS controller optional 24 VDC aux power supply.
• Three-phase + Neutral or Single-phase + Neutral networks.
• Voltage sensing on all phases.
• Phase rotation checking.
• RS485 Modbus communication with ATyS C.
• Door or DIN rail mounted controller.