SIRCO PV IEC 60947-3

from 100 to 3200 A - up to 1500 VDC

SIRCO PV are manually operated multipolar load break switches.
Making and breaking capacity under load conditions up to 1500 VDC.
These extremely durable switches have been tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications.
They have been designed and tested for all types of applications: earthing, floating or bipolar.


Optimise your investment

• Thanks to a reduced number of bridging bars, you can limit your costs and save mounting time.
• A 2 pole SIRCO PV will reduce warming and can be placed in a smaller enclosure.

High quality materials

SIRCO PV is an extremely robust device in a glass fibre reinforced polyester frame. This material provides:
• high mechanical strength,
• stability to temperature variations (RTI of 130°C),
• high dielectric strength (high CTI / tested as per standard ASTM D 2303).

Reliability and performance

Our range of SIRCO PV load break switches is compliant to standards IS/IEC 60947-3. SIRCO PV have been tested to break critically low currents and withstand 10 kA short-circuit during 300 ms without any specific protection.