Manual Transfert Switch SIRCOVER


from 63 to 3200 A

SIRCOVER products are manually operated transfer switches with positive break indication.
There are 2 ranges in the series:
• SIRCOVER for open transition switching (I-0-II) available in 4 poles.
For applications where both sources are synchronised and there is to be no interruption to the load supply during transfer.

• SIRCOVER Bypass. This combination of three interlocked load break switches provides 3+6 or 4+8 poles for bypass applications.

They provide on-load transfer between two sources for any low voltage power circuit, as well as safety isolation by double breaking per pole. Other applications include source inversion (e.g. to change the direction of a motor) or grounding/earthing.


High electrical performance

SIRCOVER is capable of switching all types of loads, without the need for a pre-breaking switch at the upstream. It is also compatible with motor and mixed loads up to utilisation category AC-33 at 415 VAC.

Easy to connect

Wider spearhead terminals for better clearance (up to B5 frame) enables easy termination of Aluminium cables / Busbars.

Stable positions

SIRCOVER devices have three stable positions, unaffected by voltage fluctuations and vibrations, protecting your loads from network disturbances.

On-load and isolation switching

With its AC-23 and AC-33 characteristics, tested according to standards IEC 60947-3 and IEC 60947-6-1, the SIRCOVER enables safe on-load switching for any type of load. With its on-load transfer capabilities, it is not necessary to isolate loads prior to transfer. Therefore the SIRCOVER offers an economical solution.