4th generation digital native high performance UPS
Three/three phase from 60 to 160 kVA

The solution for

Mission Critical

• Small and medium data centres
• IT infrastructure
• E-Medical
• Medical devices
• Control rooms

Smart manufacturing

• Edge computing
• IoT systems
• Cloud service access


Performance beyond all expectations

• Performance certified by an independent body.
• Designed to manage Lithium backup storage.
• Modern aesthetics combined with ergonomics.
• Large 7” touch screen display facilitates system control and usage.

Energy Saving: high efficiency without compromise

• Offers the highest efficiency on the market using a VFI – Double Conversion Mode, the only UPS working mode to ensure a total load protection from any mains quality issues.
• Fast Return On Investment: UPS "self-paying" with energy saving.
• No overdesign cost thanks to its reduced €/kW ratio.

Full-rated power: kW=kVA

• No power downgrade when supplying the latest generation of servers (leading or unity power factor).
• True full active power, according to IEC 62040.
• Full performance up to 40 °C without derating.

Extremely reliable, robust and durable

• Completely designed and manufactured in Europe.
• Best in class and officially attested MTBFVFI = 300,000 hours and MTBFUPS = 10,000,000 hours.
• Certified seismic resistance.
• Life extension service program doubles life expectancy.

Tailor-made - as standard

• Easy configurable for retrofit in existing installations.
• Catalogue base flexibility to meet specific needs.
• Fast delivery time for a fully personalized solution.

Native digital solution

• Ready for integration in LAN and Industry 4.0 ecosystem.
• IoT ready and remote cloud services.
• Multiprocessor intelligent product architecture.
• Product identification and configuration using standard QR codes.