First tutoring APP in the world for a simplified UPS installation

eWIRE provides clear and comprehensive instructions for a correct and foolproof UPS installation.

  • Based on Augmented Reality technology
  • Step-by-step support of the UPS installation
  • A report is produced automatically
  • Socomec Services Center fully supports and verifies the installation process


Meter Selector

Meet your digital assistant for your DIRIS Digiware projects!

Use the Socomec Meter Selector to find the best DIRIS Digiware configuration for your energy performance projects.
• Fill in the characteristics of your electrical installation
• Customise your measurement system
• Download the fully illustrated costed equipment list
• Save and archive your projects in your personal account



UPS planning – made easy!

Your personal expert

An easy to use tool to help you to plan your UPS installation site.
For use on your PC, tablet or smartphone, the eRULER helps you to quickly and simply configure the key electrical parameters in order to specify the optimum electrical infrastructure for your UPS equipment – prior to installation.

UPS Selector

Find your UPS from 600 VA to 120 kVA

Choose the best UPS solution for the current and future protection of your business.

Includes product data and technical information.