The Global Power Management Expert Energizing India for over 3 decades

Socomec, a leading global specialist in Low Voltage (LV) Power Switching, Monitoring and Power conversion products is committed to constant innovation to improve the energy performance of electrical installations in infrastructures, industrial and commercial sites. The group founded in 1922 in France, soon expanded its operations with representatives in more than 80 countries including India.

It started its operations in India in 1990 through a partnership. Our independent operations started in 2006 and recorded an exponential growth since then. We have made our presence felt in the highly competitive industry through our innovative power solutions and ensuring businesses to achieve their energy performance targets during the last three decades. We pride ourselves on achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, with more than 12,000 happy customers and over 25,000 installations across India in a short span of time.

SOCOMEC is way ahead of the more general providers and better positioned by constantly anticipating market changes and developing cutting-edge technologies and ensuring complete compliance with international standards. In pursuit of the nation’s mission from “Make in India” to “Self-reliant India” to galvanize the economy, Socomec join hands with the government in this mission by bringing its disruptive innovations and technologies in the field of power solutions.

Socomec made inroads into the Data Centre, Healthcare, Commercial / Public buildings, Infrastructure, Industry or Renewable energy sector, serving to most of the leading players in the industry and enjoy a dominant market- leading position. Thanks to our Indian customers’ continued patronage, that is enabling us to achieve double digit growth for 5 consecutive years.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is situated in the vicinity of Gurgaon, Haryana for the production of Power Conversion, Power Switching & Power monitoring products. Designed with a flexible manufacturing structure, the factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing technology and has embraced lean manufacturing principles by implementing a system of continuous improvements. Further, the digitalization of our production lines ensures the delivery of a competitive offering with continuously improving service levels whilst also supporting the creation of more customized products for our customers.

Socomec has been continuously investing in India and progressively expanding its manufacturing facility, engineering, commercial offices, channel partners and distribution network.

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