Can you carry out a module hot swap in just 5minutes?

Are you sure your UPS has no single point of failure?

Can you perform truly online risk-free maintenance?

Are you certain that your system won’t propagate faults?


If the answer is no, then let us introduce you to your new modular.

"Today’s critical infrastructures need to be flexible and designed for rapid deployment or upgrades – both in terms of the physical product and extended support services – all whilst maintaining the system’s optimum availability. With modular UPS, it’s possible to solve a number of problems in parallel – a key concern for every operator responsible for a critical application."

Mauro FRIZZIERO Product Creation Manager

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s the data:

1 000 000h
MTBF engineered-in
10 000+
UPS proven
in the field
2.5-4800 kW
A wide
power range

Ultimate Modular UPS

Without compromise - from 2.5 kW to 4800 kW

The gold standard for power scalability and risk-free maintenance in truly online modular format.

This is big data centre technology – democratised for any application.



Modulys XS, Modulys GP and Modulys XL are the three UPS part of the modular range

4 steps to choose the right modular UPS

with the level of protection you need.


Safe and easy deployment

Whether your installation is compact and bijoux or seriously super-scaled, we have made installations safe and uncomplicated – for everyone.

  • Modular flexibility de-risks late-stage specification changes or last-minute on-site adaptations
  • Standardised bricks make customisation quick and easy
  • Easy configuration display – to unlock your simplest install ever
  • Pre-engineered asset installation– no need to tie yourself in knots over cabling
  • Guaranteed future hardware and firmware compatibility

The 5-minutes hot scale

Ultimate modularity means that one module can be scrambled or unbroken simply while the rest of the system maintains maximum protection and free of human error.

  • Fast and foolproof scalability – no engineering skills required
  • Simple plug-in means no “hands inside” - no cabling reconfigurations eliminate potential mistakes or hazards
  • No specific software tools or complex procedures - easy display configuration
  • Additional modules self-test and auto-configure – quick and easy
  • Disturbance-free, automatic connection/disconnection ensures operator safety

Risk-free maintenance

Modular solutions deliver risk-free maintenance at critical and sensitive stages – all while protecting the load.

  • Load is protected in online mode – during operation, maintenance and upgrade
  • Self-diagnostics provide immediate module fault detection – and isolation when required
  • Local spare module easy-swap offering low MTTR - no engineering skills required
  • Full module extraction for maintenance outside the critical system

Engineered for resilience

By rightsizing through modularity and robust design, system reliability can be maximised for the best possible overall resilience - avoiding fault propagation - at the entire modular UPS level.

  • Appropriate granularity between intrinsic redundancy and MTBF impact at system level
  • 1,000,000 hours MTBF: power modules designed for unmatched reliability
  • Advanced mechanical and electrical segregation design to eliminate fault propagation
  • No single point of failure – with distributed control and peer to peer information sharing


Ultimate modularity with Socomec

How to choose the right modular UPS?

Our modular UPS
Modulys XS


Modulys GP


Modulys XL



• 2.5 to 20 kVA / kW

• Single-phase UPS

• Free standing or 19’’ rack

• 25 to 600 kVA / kW

• Three-phase UPS

• Free standing or 19’’ rack

• 200 to 4800 kVA / kV

• Three-phase UPS

• Free standing

Safe and easy deployment

Retrofit a new module into a previous generation frame

Flexible on-site adaptability to manage last minute installation constraints

Pre-engineered interconnection bars for straightforward installation

5-minutes hot scale

Extremely flexible power module and battery module plug-in

Automatic firmware alignment and compatibility assured when scaling this with a new module

Patented connection system allowing large power module plug-in

Risk-free maintenance

Plug-in battery pack for easy replacement or extension

Every component and module can be hot-swapped

Unique heat-run test service procedure to certify “hands off” maintenance

Superior resilience

20 years field-proven reliability across several different applications

Module MTBF certified by third party

Complete power module automatic and selective disconnection