Master your electrical installation and transform your performance with the most versatile and intelligent power monitoring system available.

The DIRIS Digiware system is a hub of technological innovations that has revolutionised the world of power monitoring - bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations and making connection and configuration easier than ever before. A complete Socomec solution, DIRIS Digiware delivers unrivalled performance in terms of accuracy and functionality – whilst being tailored to your system architecture.

The most effective solution for monitoring the performance of your electrical installation – and that’s proven.


Innovation you can rely on.

Fast RJ45 interconnection of modules (Digiware bus). Fast RJ12 current sensor connection. Unique class 0.5 system accuracy. Exclusive technologies for maximum reliability


A complete solution – with just one system. 

Compatible with AC or DC applications. The only system combining power monitoring, power quality and residual current monitoring. Complete solution from current sensors to software.


Evolving with you, for you – at your pace.

The first system to be 100% customisable to your precise requirements. Modular concept for multi-circuit applications. An interoperable ecosystem, scalable with the evolution of your facility’s strategy.

Put together your own AC or DC metering and monitoring system.

A single point of access to AC and DC measurement data

The DIRIS Digiware D and M act as a system interface (24 VDC power supply and communication) for all downstream products. They are your point of access for measurements and can communicate via multiple protocols over serial RS485 or Ethernet.

DIRIS Digiware U & Udc

The DIRIS Digiware U and Udc modules measure the voltage reference for the entire DIRIS Digiware AC and DC system. The RJ45 Digiware bus transmits the voltage measurement as well as power supply to all products connected to the Digiware bus

All-in-one current acquisition modules

DIRIS Digiware S combines a Power Monitoring Device and current sensors to deliver the ultimate all-in-one solution. The DIRIS Digiware S module has 3 integrated current sensors for the measurement of three-phase or single-phase circuits up to 63 A with class 0.5 accuracy.

Current acquisition modules.

The DIRIS Digiware I and Idc modules are associated with external smart current sensors for energy metering, power monitoring and power quality analysis of AC and DC loads.

Current sensors

A wide range of solid-core, split-core and flexible current sensors is available to meet any integration requirements from 5 to 6000 A. Totally flexible, they measure the current in new or existing installations.

Input/output modules

The IO-10 modules have 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs to monitor the status of protective devices (ON /OFF/TRIP) or to collect pulses from multi-utility meters (gas, water…). The IO-20 modules have 2 analogue inputs allowing the collection of measurements from analogue sensors (pressure, humidity, temperature)and the monitoring of levels by setting up alarms on preset thresholds.

Energy server solution embedded in the communication gateways

Socomec’s displays and communication gateways centralise the measurement data from both DIRIS Digiware AC and DC systems. They embed the WEBVIEW software solution for visualisation and analysis of real time and historical measurements from a large number of connected devices.


Create your project online

Use the Socomec Meter Selector to find the best DIRIS Digiware configuration for your energy performance projects.

Meter Selector
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Meter Selector is the ideal assistant to accompany you in your multi-measurement and isolation monitoring projects.