DIRIS Digiware IO modules enrich the measurement system with multiple features:
- DIRIS Digiware IO-10 modules have 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
The 4 digital inputs can be used to monitor the status of third-party devices (position of protective devices, trip counter) or to collect pulses from multi-fluid meters.
The 2 digital outputs allow to remote control of third-party equipment signal. Alarms can be configured and assigned to the digital outputs.
- Thanks to their 2 analogue inputs, DIRIS Digiware IO-20 modules can collect data from analogue sensors (pressure, humidity, temperature...).
All the information reported by the IO-10 and IO-20 modules can be viewed on DIRIS Digiware D-xx displays and on Webview, the web server embedded in DIRIS G gateways and in the DIRIS Didiware D-70 display unit.

Conformity to standards

IEC 61557-12
UL 61010 Guide PICQ File E257746

Meter Selector
The ideal assistant for your DIRIS and ISOM Digiware projects
Meter Selector is the ideal assistant to accompany you in your multi-measurement and isolation monitoring projects.


DIRIS Digiware IO is available in X versions


Plug & Play

The IO modules can be easily added anywhere within the measurement system thanks to a quick RJ45 connection.


The combination of voltage measuring modules, current measuring modules, and input/output modules makes DIRIS Digiware a complete and versatile system.


All the reported information is accessible from Measurements from the displays, from WEBVIEW or any other centralised management software.


The modular format allows the quick connection of a large number of IO-10 and IO-20 modules.


  • Energy - Energy storage for grid services
  • Infrastructure & Transport - Power for railway signaling
  • Building - Energy storage behind the meter

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