Enjoy complete peace of mind with SoLink

When the application is critical, you can be assured of immediate and expert attention via SoLink - one of the services included within a Socomec Maintenance Contract. SoLink will automatically identify the anomaly and notify the nearest Socomec Service Centre when the UPS’ operating parameters fall outside the permitted range - providing you with a permanent and direct connection to Socomec’s expert technical team.

Restore your system in record time…
Proactive alarm check

When your UPS alarm is activated, SoLink will instantly notify the nearest Socomec Service Centre. The supervisor technician will carry out an initial check-up by accessing the UPS dashboard on the cloud platform.

First-time-fix intervention

In the event that on-site intervention is required, an on-call Socomec engineer will be dispatched immediately with a full brief from the Socomec Service Centre, along with any spare parts that may be needed.

…and improve future performance
Interactive web dashboard

The IoT cloud-connectivity provides you with access to an intuitive, interactive dashboard that gives an overview of the equipment’s historical data and performance trends.

Periodic reporting

Socomec experts will provide you with a periodic UPS health-check report including event statistics, trend analysis and technical recommendations to improve overall system availability.

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