SoLive PRO makes it easy and secure to visualise real-time data from your SUNSYS energy storage systems, across any of your sites:

  • visualise your data via predefined or customised dashboards,
  • enhance the performance and sustainability of your energy storage equipment


Real-time advanced data visualisation

Access relevant and precise data from your Socomec equipment, available via ModBus TCP and Modbus RTU protocols, through practical dashboards.

  • Detailed alarm notifications via push email messaging with personalised thresholds according to your needs.
  • Live notifications of status changes.
  • Historic data logs.
  • Equipment locations.
Certified security

Your sensitive data is protected and stored on an ISO27001 certified sovereign French cloud ensuring:

  • compliance with specific regulations regarding data protection and security,
  • maximum protection against unauthorised access by foreign entities,
  • guaranteed data confidentiality.
Customised* dashboards reports

User-friendly and easy to read, access your data via standard or customised dashboards:

  • define your own KPIs with our responsive web application,
  • set personal thresholds,
  • enable multi-account functionalities and allow users to define their preferences and settings.

As well as enhancing your user experience, SoLive PRO provides unparalleled flexibility when monitoring and managing your electrical installations.

* To learn more about customisable dashboard options from Socomec, please contact the Service team.

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