Art has had its rightful place at Socomec for a long time: concerts, exhibitions, creative events, … and there have been many artistic partnerships that have been associated with the company’s major events in its history, and that are a demonstration of our openness to creativity in the widest sense. Today, in support of the Socomec Group’s continuing growth, a new artistic venture is taking shape around Street art...

Ivan Steyert
Ivan Steyert

Part of our policy for openness

"Companies have a role to play in promoting this highly contemporary and youth-driven artistic form of expression. These companies often have large unused spaces that are visible from the outside to a large number of people: along roads, motorways and railway lines. It is a form of active artistic patronage that can be included in the social element of our Company CSR policy."

2020, a year full of colors

Frescoes and artist performances, personalized electrical cabinet or street art festival with local and international artists, Colors Urban Art powered by Socomec has been productive in 2020. Watch out our retrospective video!

Frescoes on our walls

Street art also has its place within Socomec. Street artists Kazy, Stom 500 and Pisco have worked on our facades in recent years. A collaboration appreciated by our employees, our visitors and our neighbors.