Manage smart backup power for precision cooling

Data centres use sophisticated and diverse cooling systems to carefully control their environment. Typically this is done by managing liquid, gas or air-cooling for computer room air conditioners (CRAC) or computer room air handler units (CRAH). 

Power availability and management for cooling systems are usually installed very close to the load and must be reliable. This can be assured by purpose built Class PC automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) certified to IEC 60947-6-1, GB 14018.11 for China or UL 1008 for North America. 

Smart starting and stopping of cooling is essential to preserve the life of the equipment whilst intelligent ATSE with communication and dedicated control functions improve efficiency and reliability.

Reduce the risk
of overloading
Create intelligent
Develop a dedicated logic for all the critical needs of the data centre

Dedicated Logic

Reduce the risk of overloading a critical redundant block with ATSE that provide the right timers and logic for critical cooling loads:

COMMIT LOGIC: When the ATSE detects S1 out of limits, the switch will go to zero position and will then carry on to transfer the load to S2 even if S1 returns before the transfer sequence to S2 has initiated.

MANUAL RETURN: Field selectable control provided by the ATSE to transfer back to S1 automatically after manual validation only through a dry contact input or through communication.

SOURCE SEEK: When manual return is activated, if an ATSE is on S2, if S1 returns and S2 becomes unavailable the controller shall automatically switch to source 1 and will override the manual retransfer logic.

Architecture example for fan




Fan with variable speed drive

Architecture example for chiller


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Chiller water pump

MODBUS TCP / Ethernet / BACnet / SNMP / IoT / Analytics / AI …

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Communication through connected ATSE products is essential for power management. Besides remote visualization, alarming and centralized controls connectivity creates intelligent systems that increase reliability and efficiency whilst reducing the risk of unavailability.

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Socomec solution

Socomec provide automatic and remotely operated transfer switching equipment and ATS controls that are ideal for precision cooling applications in any datacenter. The ATyS range of ATSE includes smart logic for power management through communication and is one of the widest and most robust transfer switches available on the market. IEC / GB ratings are available from 40A to 6300A and UL certified ratings are available from 100 to 1200A. 

All Socomec IEC transfer switching equipment are available as an enclosed solution as well as an open type (loose product) for installation in the distribution board or HVAC control cabinet.