Avoid frequent UPS outages

The internal failure rate of the UPS system is proportional to the number of power modules and inversely proportional to the MTBF* of a single power module.

As the number of power modules is defined by the power and redundancy of the system, the only way to achieve acceptable reliability is to use power modules with a very high MTBF (i.e. a very low failure rate).

Because of the MTBF is so important, its value is calculated using a rigorous statistical approach and provided to the end user. In addition, a specific series of strength, durability and reliability tests must be carried out.

To ensure the credibility of this value, MTBF certification must be carried out by an independent laboratory and real field data is provided to confirm the calculated predictive MTBF.


* MTBF: mean time between failures


Avoid/reduce outages with a modular system featuring a high MTBF

Table representing the statistical estimation of the number of power module failures in 15 years in a 24-module system
Based on the MTBF a statistical estimate of the number of power module failures in a 24-module system over 15 years


After 15 years (typical lifespan of a UPS), a high MTBF leads to a decrease in the number of faulty modules and consequently to an increase in the lifespan of the UPS.

This decrease also leads to significant economic gains and reduced risks when replacing the modules.

How certify the accuracy of the MTBF ?

 Opérateur manipulant un module d'une ASI Modulys GP

On modular UPSs, power modules should have an MTBF greater than 1,000,000 hours.

The value of the MTBF must be calculated and officially declared.

To ensure a quality product, it is advised having the MTBF certified by a third-party laboratory.

For complete confidence, the actual MTBF must be measured using reliable field data.

Socomec solution

MODULYS GP power modules

MODULYS GP power modules, a unique fully modular and redundant UPS solution, have a MTBF calculated at above 1,000,000 hours. This calculation was carried out by an independent specialist laboratory after 2 years of rigorous testing, with official certification available on request.

After a few years, with several thousand power modules installed and a few hundred million hours of cumulative operation, the measured MTBF is more than 1,500,000 hours, exceeding the calculated MTBF. An official statement of this measured value, updated every 6 months, is available.

This result is unique in the UPS industry and can only be achieved by designing power modules that are based on reliability, not cost.