The aim of our environmental policy is to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.


Our commitments are as follows:

  • To comply with legal and compliance obligation in terms of theenvironment and, more generally, sustainable development.
  • To reduce the environmental impact of our products through eco-design.
  • To implement an effective environmental management system. Ensure activities like adopting policies, procedures and processes which lead to continual improvement in environmental performance.
  • To optimize the energy consumption of our manufacturing and commercial sites,
    • By prioritizing high-energy performance buildings, renewable energy and all initiatives that contribute to energy savings.
    • By encouraging everyone to become aware of their ability to act in this field.
  • To ensure strict management of our industrial waste,
    • By reducing the tonnage of waste from all production sites as much aspossible,
    • By collecting and sorting our waste and increasing the rate of recovery of this waste.
  • To raise staff and interested parties awareness of environmental issues and the impact of our products on the environment.
  • Committed to provide this policy to all interested parties.


Our environmental performance is based on an environmental policy that is backed by all employees and interested parties at our sites.

This policy is therefore managed, developed and implemented within each entity as part of an action plan that sets environmental objectives.

The members of the board of directors monitor the implementation of this Policy and require that each person makes a responsible commitment.


Download our environmental policy