This series of webinars covers the essential aspects of safety, reliability and availability when switching between power sources in critical and essential power applications.

Created by Ian TANTI – Critical Power Expert and member of IEC 60947-6-1 working group: (SC121A/MT18).

Power availability

"How does transfer switching equipment (TSE) help to increase power availability?"

You’ve probably already been asked this question and after all, including a backup power supply adds cost so the investment must have clear benefits and payback.

In this episode, we answer this question by learning about why power availability and quality are essential, we go through realistic consequences of a power failure and establish what is required to ensure power availability…


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Transfer switching basics

"What is Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE)?”

Since there are many types of TSE to choose from, the specific needs from one application to another could be very different.

Watch this episode, to help understand the typical supply sources, how TSE works, how to improve reliability and safety to the load and a basic introduction to electrical architecture.


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Transfer switching (TSE) architecture for resilient installations

"How can I avoid a power outage by optimizing the electrical architecture?"

The architecture of an electrical installation together with the class of TSE installed have a direct impact on the overall availability, un-availability and resilience of an emergency power system.

In this episode, we share typical single line diagrams and case studies that help to improve power availability by selecting the right architecture for you.


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Selecting the right TSE based on the criticality and sensitivity of a load

"How do I select the right Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) for my application?"

Various types of TSE are often used to transfer a load from one source to another however, some designs offer more safety and reliability whilst others are simply more suitable and intended for a specific application.

Watch this episode to learn about the different types of TSE, the effect of the applicable transfer times and the importance of sensitivity and criticality of the load when selecting your TSE.


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TSE product standards, classification, type testing and installation rules

"What should I consider when selecting transfer switching equipment (TSE)?"

When safety, availability and reliability are the priority, one needs to know which of the product standards to follow, how installation rules and regulations apply to TSE and how to understand the difference between each CLASS of TSE.

In this episode we will learn how to ensure that TSE are not only assembled to operate as a transfer switch but are certified as safe and compliant based on their classification, short circuit capability, co-ordination and utilisation categories.


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White paper
Transfer Switching Essentials Guide
A complete guide that covers all you need to know in order to improve power availability, safety and reliability in applications where energy matters…