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Socomec Digital Services are revolutionising UPS management, providing you with unprecedented convenience. Managing your UPS might previously have been a limiting and time-consuming process, often requiring your physical presence – but now it’s time to say goodbye to scheduling and travel constraints.

With our fast and secure connected services, you can now empower your UPS daily management from anywhere, providing a new level of confidence and performance. Experience the new way of managing your UPS!


Monitoring and alerts in real time

Discover how much easier life can be with our SoLive mobile application.

You can now monitor the status of your UPS anytime, anywhere - and receive notifications of any anomaly in real-time to boost your response time!

But if you do not have time resource to keep an eye on your equipment all the time... let our experts do it for you!

If the UPS’ operating parameters fall outside the permitted range, the nearest Socomec service centre will receive the alert signal, identify the problem, notify you and, if necessary, initiate an on-site intervention.

Live monitoring app     24/7 expert monitoring


Quick anomaly analysis

If a problems occurs, you can reduce downtime considerably by asking a Socomec expert to make a diagnosis without being physically in front of your UPS.

Remote troubleshooting


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in record time

Discover our service contracts to benefit from all Socomec's expertise at an optimal cost and with unrivalled responsiveness.

What’s more, our formulas can be tailored to suit customer needs, accounting for individual operational constraints, business processes and the unique level of criticality associated with specific applications.


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