What does it take to safeguard the power supplies to isolated areas with challenging terrain?

We take a look at the Corrèze Resilient Grid project which has deployed renewable production and energy storage to create a microgrid in a rural area. Corrèze Resilient Grid is a project that is part of the Corrèze Ecological Transition program.

After a 3-year study and several exchanges on the subject, Enedis, the Syndicat de la Diège and the Department of Corrèze decided to initiate an experiment into an innovative solution in 2019. 

The concept is to take advantage of the installed photovoltaic production in order to repower the hamlet during the day, by creating a low voltage microgrid that is able to operate in islanding mode.

battery energy storage system (BESS) has been installed to enable the surplus PV production to be stored and consumed when working in islanding mode, in case of grid loss.

Key figures:

  • 5 houses - 1 fire department antenna - 1 drinking water pumping station to be repowered with this program
  • 323 000€: the global cost of the project (shared between the Syndicat de la Diège and Enedis)
  • 3 years: research and development time spent on this project