An evolution in secure critical power for data centres. 

Socomec raised the bar with its award-winning Modulys XL, and has raised the bar even further with its latest release of Delphys XL by addressing customers’ specific needs in the colocation segment. The new standards set by the Delphys XL have been recognised with Frost & Sullivan’s Global Customer Value Leadership accolade for 2022.

Socomec has a rich history in innovation and a focus on sustainability, and its recent introduction, DELPHYS XL, is based on its specialist expertise in power conversion, switching, and monitoring. This solution is the result of a response to challenges faced by multiple data centre power infrastructures and part of UPS product development activity that specifically serves the large, colocation data centre segment. At the core of Socomec’s innovation efforts is the commitment and dedication to understand the challenges pertaining to different types of critical power chain distribution and architecture and then addressing them holistically.

Born from the desire to improve the user experience and address unmet customer needs, particularly in terms of risk management and redundancy within colocation facilities, the company’s latest innovation ensures the highest levels of availability and continuity through a fault-tolerant UPS system designed to further enrich the reliability of the UPS. The system empowers users to manage any eventuality based on intrinsic redundancy, as well as its straightforward and risk-free maintenance activities, which support a low MTTR.

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A path breaking solution – with critical chain interoperability

The DELPHYS XL’s unique design, combined with assured critical chain interoperability, has resulted in “a path-breaking solution, ultimately leading to a superior system performance and unparalleled customer experience,” according to Frost & Sullivan. Gautham Gnanajothi, Vice President of Research at Frost & Sullivan explains that “The driving force behind this avant-garde approach is the company’s technology excellence in ‘critical chain interoperability.’ Socomec can achieve seamless coordination between the UPS system and STS within a critical power chain, thus guaranteeing the overall system stability under operating mode changes. Furthermore, it also prevents cascading of abnormal events.”


Empowering users to achieve unparalleled availability

Socomec’s DELPHYS XL UPS packs 1200kW into a compact and optimised design and has been engineered to ensure power continuity. This fault-tolerant and reliable system ensures the highest possible availability and continuity for critical applications, all while reducing the total cost of ownership based on multiple features and operating modes.

Combined with remote digital servicing, troubleshooting operations are rapid and easy to execute. According to a Frost & Sullivan report, “Built on its field proven XL platform, the DELPHYS XL offers unparalleled resilience and availability, while placing high emphasis on intrinsic redundancy, all of which ultimately reinforce product reliability with industry leading MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

The product is designed to offer the highest levels of protection under typical operating conditions by eliminating all potential single points of failure associated with traditional UPS systems. The DELPHYS XL leverages self-sufficient power conversion bricks which are embedded with Socomec advanced selective disconnection function. This unique function isolates and contains any critical fault (be it mechanical or electrical) inside the affected sub-assemblies, protecting the critical load through remaining power converters.”

The report goes on to state that “Socomec has introduced the drawable brick concept, advanced selective disconnection system, fault segregation capability, the smart conversion mode, advanced genset management and innovative digital services in its DELPHYS XL. While the smart conversion mode in DELPHYS XL offers industry leading efficiencies of up to 99% - without sacrificing power availability - a key differentiator that makes it unique is that it doesn’t stop at considering the load requirements; it goes above and beyond, taking into account the applied architecture of colocation data centres that leverage a downstream Static Transfer System (STS).”


An evolution in data centre power-energising solutions that are ready for every eventuality

With decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to ongoing development, Socomec offers development work that pinpoints the challenges faced by the market.

According to a Socomec expert, “Our customers are a vital and integral component of our development work. We engineer solutions that resonate with our customers today – solutions that resolve current frustrations - but we also look forward in order to capture future requirements that will be driven by the evolution of data centre technology and architecture. We think about how the solution might be integrated within a real, working environment and our customers are fully involved in our innovation process from initial exploration to final product development so that we can deliver the best possible value.”

Described within the report as a “unique approach to data centre power architecture,” Frost & Sullivan observed that this new solution can potentially create a much-needed evolution in data centre backup power architecture.

Gautham Gnanajothi, Vice President of Research at Frost & Sullivan, commented that “Socomec’s innovation excellence is underpinned by two key pillars; one is its ability to scrupulously analyse individual components of the electrical infrastructure, and the other is its flair to master the complete value chain and all events that are related to the associated power distribution architecture, right from the grid leading up to the critical load. The DELPHYS XL is a great testament to Socomec’s excellence in this regard.”


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