INOSYS ESS LBS is a range of load break switches that can be controlled manually. These switches can be operated manually using the handle to disconnect all or part of an electrical installation. They ensure on-load opening and closing and safe disconnection of all direct current low voltage electrical circuits up to 1500 VDC. They can also be used for emergency disconnection applications. They have been designed specifically to withstand high short circuit conditions in DC and ESS applications.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60947-3
DC-21B & DC-PV2


High short circuit resistance in DC and ESS applications

INOSYS LBS load break switches have been designed specifically to withstand high short circuit conditions in DC and ESS applications. Tested in applications with and without fuses, to offer maximum safety in all fault conditions.

High-performance switching in a small volume

INOSYS LBS load break switches incorporate patented technology that provides a breaking capacity of 750 VDC per pole, providing 1500 VDC with only 2 poles, and significantly limiting power dissipation. And they come in an exceptionally compact enclosure.

Safe operation

- Direct position indication on the bar and visible contacts with arc fault containment.
- The opening and closing of the switch is fully independent of the operating speed, to ensure safe use in all conditions.
- High temperature resistance: no derating up to 55°C, operational from -40 to +70°C.

Designed for harsh environments

- Vibration tested (13.2 to 100 Hz at 0.7 g).
- Impact tested (15 g during three cycles).
- Humid temperature tested (2 cycles, 55°C with 95% humidity).
- Salt spray tested (3 cycles with storage humidity, 40°C, 93% humidity after each cycle).

Easier to install

- Wiring: as the switch is not polarized, it allows all types of wiring and connections.
- Easy access without tools to integrate auxiliary contacts (located in the control unit).
- The mechanism may be placed at the centre or the left (in the factory) to address installation requirements.

Modular solution for flexible configuration

- Single or double-pole switch.
- The same switch can be used for installation with grounded or insulated networks, merely by changing the wiring configuration.


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