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VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are lead batteries with a sealed safety valve container for releasing excess gas in the event of internal overpressure.
Their development was aimed at limiting the emission of hydrogen into the atmosphere and to avoid the use of liquid electrolyte. The liquid electrolyte is replaced by gel electrolyte (GEL technology) or absorbed inside the separators (AGM technology) to prevent acid leaking.
Sealed batteries do not allow for water to be added to the electrolyte, therefore the evaporation of the water contained in the electrolyte, due for example to high room temperatures or internal heating as a result of charging/discharging cycles, decreases their lifetime.

Conformity to standards

EN 62040-1


Total protection during downtime

- Designed to satisfy and respect safety protection standards.
- The right size of protection device tailored to your power rating.
- Robust cabinet.
- Normal and long-life batteries.
- Compatible with different battery brands.
- Chemical safety means shelves protected against corrosion of H2SO4 that can cause risks of electric shock and short circuit (fire).
- Designed according to the specific UPS model for easy connections, correct recharge current and appropriate discharge rating to optimize battery life.
- Modular hot-swap battery cabinets with string protection and individual string disconnection.

Easy installation and maintenance

- Frontal switch/breaker protection.
- Frontal input output connections.
- Easy battery replacement.
- Suitable for rigid cables and cable-glands.
- Suitable for tripping coil contact (on request).
- Height aligned with UPS.

Electrical protection coordination for your safety

Battery protection is essential for safety. We perform tests in our laboratories under abnormal conditions (i.e. short-circuit) to guarantee the maximum safety for the installation.
As batteries can cause fire if the protection is not adequate, we test all battery protections in real operating conditions (Switch/Breaker with fuse, magnetothermal MCCB).
The protective devices are sized according to the UPS and to the battery short-circuit current.

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