The Socomec Product Upgrade Tool is a software that helps you upgrade the DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS B, DIRIS G, ISOM Digiware and ISOM K products.

It enables you to easily upgrade the product’s firmware with a computer through an USB cable.

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Compatibility & product firmwares

Find and download the firmware you need here


Socomec Product Upgrade Tool software is compatible with the following products.

  • DIRIS Digiware D
  • DIRIS Digiware M
  • DIRIS Digiware U & Udc
  • DIRIS Digiware I & Idc
  • DIRIS Digiware S
  • DIRIS Digiware BCM
  • DIRIS Digiware IO
  • DIRIS A-40
  • ISOM Digiware D
  • ISOM Digiware F-60
  • ISOM Digiware L-60
  • ISOM K-40 et K-40h
  • ATyS C-55 & C-65