Medical Facilities

Ensuring the safety of patients and medical staff and optimising the global performance of your healthcare facility


Ensuring the safety of patients and hospital personnel

  • To provide guaranteed manufacturer solutions adapted to operating constraints that control risks throughout the facility.
  • To propose the appropriate architecture for your electrical installation to ensure the service continuity of your equipment.

Optimising the operating conditions of the facility

  • To monitor, analyse and optimise energy consumption for sustainable management of the facilities.
  • To ensure the level of availability expected for both equipment and data.

Respecting regulatory requirements and standards

  • To implement products and solutions that fully comply with standards and regulations governing medical facilities.

Anticipating future requirements by providing optimised and scalable solutions

  • To upgrade facilities safely and without negative impact on the existing installation.
  • To implement solutions that are compatible with the latest developments in medical and IT equipment.



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Thanks to the company’s wide range of continuously evolving products, customized solutions and services, Socomec offers you adapted responses to your applications.

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Our testimonials

testimonial-rennes-university-hospital_vig.jpgLoïc BARDOU, Maintenance Manager, Rennes University Hospital

“We chose Socomec’s offer for their engineering expertise, advice, support and guidance in implementing this innovative and strategic project for the hospital’s radiology facilities.”