Medical Imaging

Solutions for:

  • controlling building energy costs,
  • monitoring critical power circuits,
  • protecting power circuits for security systems (fire, emergency lighting, access control, video surveillance, etc.).

Why supplying Medical imaging is so specific?

Medical electrical equipment, like for instance MRI, X-Ray or Computed Tomography creates a lot of distortions when it is operating:

  • very high di / dt (very high current peaks in a very short time) with a pulse phenomenon,
  • asymmetrical currents (with a crest factor much higher than √2),
  • high harmonics.

These distortions lead to stress on transformers, cables, panels, UPS which are upstream Medical electrical equipment. UPS must be designed to sustain these issues.
Ever attentive to your requirements, Socomec offers you services, dedicated range of UPS and customised solutions, whatever your constraints.

EXPERT SERVICES : Enabling available, safe and efficient energy
sydiv_163_b_gb2.pngSocomec is committed to delivering a wide range of value-added services to ensure the reliability and optimisation of end-users’ equipment:
• prevention and service operations to lower the risks and enhance the efficiency of operations,
• measurement and analysis of a wide range of electrical parameters leading to recommendations for improving the site’s power quality,
• optimisation of the total cost of ownership and support for a safe transition when migrating from an old to a new generation of equipment,
• consultancy, deployment and training from the project engineering stage through to final procurement.