Medical premises

Solutions for:

  • continuity of the electrical power supply in medical premises,
  • patient safety via specific electrical power distribution (hospital isolated power system).


EXPERT SERVICES : Enabling available, safe and efficient energy
sydiv_163_b_gb2.pngSocomec is committed to delivering a wide range of value-added services to ensure the reliability and optimisation of end-users’ equipment:
• prevention and service operations to lower the risks and enhance the efficiency of operations,
• measurement and analysis of a wide range of electrical parameters leading to recommendations for improving the site’s power quality,
• optimisation of the total cost of ownership and support for a safe transition when migrating from an old to a new generation of equipment,
• consultancy, deployment and training from the project engineering stage through to final procurement.

Compliance with standards
logo-iec.pngPower and distribution switchboards are assemblies governed by the IEC 61439 series of standards.
Socomec offers a wide range of OEM solutions conforming to standard IEC 61439.