The COUNTIS M3x meters are modular energy meters designed for three-phases metering and direct connection up to 100 A for machine manufacturers (Bulk packaging).
They can directly display both active (kWh) and reactive energy (kvarh) on a backlit LCD screen.
With multifunction monitoring and compact size in 4 modules width, they support RS485 MODBUS RTU or MBUS communication and are suited for both commercial or industrial power distribution systems.
COUNTIS M34 and M36 have MID certification.

Conformity to standards

IEC 62053-21
IEC 62053-23


COUNTIS M3x is available in X versions

Item Model Application Type Communication protocols Select
48C03020G M33 Metering 3PH up to 100A MODBUS


Bulk packaging

The packaging and accessories of these meters are optimised for high quantities requirements :
- Unboxing and integration are quicker.
- Packaged with large quantities to simplify ordering and shipping process.

Communication and pulse outputs

- RS485 communication (MODBUS RTU) or MBUS communication.
- Energy values can be remotely transmitted via the communication output (computer, BMS...) to a system for billing analysis, energy savings or energy cost management.
- 2 available pulse outputs : one with configurable pulse weight and duration, the second with fixed 400 Wh/imp.

Multi-parameters measurement and load acquisition

Remote collection of multiple electrical parameters through communication: I, U, V, P, Q, S, PF, THD, demand, energies.


4 modules width only.

MID Module B+D certified

COUNTIS M units comply with the MID directive to guarantee accuracy and reliability when metering, compulsory for energy billing applications. “Module B+D” certification guarantees that the design and manufacturing process of products are approved by an accredited laboratory.

Extended temperature range

Operating temperature from -40 up to +70°C without degrading any functions of the meter.


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