Groundbreaking technologies for greater simplicity and performance

Socomec has developed three technologies that are integrated in our new energy efficiency ranges. Introducing PreciSense, VirtualMonitor and AutoCorrect: time saving, efficient and worry-free.




Products that are redefining standards in measurement accuracy.

PreciSense technology ensures 100% reliable accuracy across the entire measuring chain.

Be guaranteed of the accuracy of your measurements:
• For the global measurement chain.
• For reliable measurements.
• For relevant corrective actions.








The simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring your protective devices.

VirtualMonitor* technology enables you to install a monitoring solution, simply and at all levels of the facility.

Access the monitoring of your protective devices:
• On your entire electrical installation.
• Remotely and in real-time.
• Without additional hardware or wiring.


* Only available with DIRIS Digiware AC or DIRIS A-40 with iTR sensors.





The software that eliminates wiring errors.

AutoCorrect* technology ensures that equipment is wired correctly at all times, avoiding time-consuming on-site adjustments.

Be guaranteed your measurement system is working correctly:
• Automatic wiring control.
• Correction of errors.
• Feature available off-load.


* Only available with DIRIS Digiware AC or DIRIS A-40 with iTR sensors.




PreciSense, VirtualMonitor and AutoCorrect technologies are integrated in our energy efficiency product ranges


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