Why choose Socomec?

With over 90 years' experience, SOCOMEC offers a range of switches and components for building a complete fuse protection solution. Our partnership also brings you additional benefits:

picto_349_a_50-50.jpg A responsive commercial network

Our teams of engineers have built their reputation on a reassuring closeness, specialist expertise and a commitment to listening.

picto_351_a_50-50.jpg A wide range

Whatever your area of activity (industry, data centre, photovoltaics, etc.), you'll find the solution to your electrical protection requirements in this product family.

picto_350_a_50-50.jpg High-quality products

SOCOMEC is renowned among its customers for the reliability of its fuse solutions.

picto_352_a_50-50.jpg Customised solutions

Are your requirements outside of the standard offering? As a specialist manufacturer, we can adapt our devices to suit your specific requirements. Get in touch with us or your usual contact to discuss your options.

  • Why choose a fuse protection ?

    • Fuse solutions: definite advantages over circuit breakers

    • SOCOMEC has always promoted the benefits of fuses for both personal and equipment safety. Fuse protection offers lots of benefits compared to circuit breakers in a large number of applications.
      Fuse switches provide a guarantee of reliable breaking and protection from power distribution to motor protection.
      Summary of the main benefits:

    • fuser_489_c_fr_100-90.jpgSignificant limitation of short circuits

      The thermal and mechanical effects generated during a short circuit can be considerable. The speed at which a fuse can cut out means it offers a much greater limitation of the short circuit current than provided by circuit breaker technology.

    • fuser_493_c_fr_100-90.jpgSimplified discrimination

      Fuses allow total discrimination, regardless of the short circuit level. This is ensured as soon as the ratio of ratings between the upstream and downstream fuse is at least 1:6. This characteristic guarantees perfect continuity of the energy supplied.

    • High breaking capacity

      Fuses have a breaking capacity of 100 kA  (or more); it is therefore not necessary to worry too much about the short circuit current when choosing the product which has the right characteristics.

    • Visible breaking

      When eliminating a short circuit, the energy generated is absorbed by the silica and remains confined in the body of the fuse, stopping the propagation of the arc or even the projection of white-hot materials.

    • Visible double breaking

      Breaker switches ensure breaking upstream and downstream of the fuses which allows them to be replaced in complete safety.


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