SOCOMEC has been selected by ALBIOMA, an electricity producer located in the French NIA (mainly overseas territories), to provide energy storage solutions to smooth injection into the electricity network and to offer flexibility services to the grid operator.

The French Energy Transition Law has set ambitious targets for the NIA: the energy autonomy by 2030 with a 50% Renewable Energy Sources (RES) target by 2020. To this end, the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) periodically launches calls for tenders to accelerate the development of RES in NIA, but also to facilitate the injection of this intermittent production into the grid.


ALBIOMA is an independent renewable energy producer using photovoltaic solar and biomass. It has been selected as part of calls for tenders from the CRE, for several renewable production projects in French Non Interconnected Areas.


The energy storage systems supplied by SOCOMEC to ALBIOMA are installed alongside photovoltaic plants. They aim to smooth the production of renewable electricity injected into the grid. Every day, based on production forecasts, ALBIOMA commits to the network operator on a plan to inject the electricity produced for the next day. The role of the storage systems is to guarantee this production plan in a range of plus or minus 5%, otherwise ALBIOMA will be penalized on the purchase price of electricity. They can also allow ALBIOMA to benefit from increased remuneration during peak periods, by guaranteeing a power of at least 20% of the peak power of the photovoltaic installation over a period of two hours.


SOCOMEC has provided ALBIOMA with

  •  8 Energy storage systems integrated in 10-foot containers installed on the islands of Reunion, Guadeloupe and Mayotte
  •  1 Energy storage system integrated in a 40-foot container installed in Mayotte.