With a solid 15 years of HR experience in the industrial and international sectors, Judith Maiffret joins Socomec's Executive Board as Director of Human Resources.


Strong personal commitment to the internal dynamics of organisations

Judith Maiffret, nouvelle DRH de Socomec

Judith Maiffret is the new HR Director of the Socomec Group. A lawyer by training, she began her professional career in a law firm specialising in employment law. She returned to university, where she obtained a master's degree in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, "because I realised that my interest was much more in what was going on within organisations, well before there was any litigation", she explains. With a new master's degree under her belt, she has developed her expertise in human resources over the last 15 years.


Looking for "an organisation with a history behind it"

Judith Maiffret has held various HR positions in the international Getinge Group and the Arjo Company, where she headed the Swiss subsidiary for three years, providing her with additional business experience. She has worked as an HR manager in many countries, including Sweden, Germany and England. "When I joined Socomec, I was looking first and foremost for an organisation that had a history behind it, one that also believed in values, and within which HR had a strong position and provided real added value", explains the new HRD. "For me, HR must be about building meaning, it must provide a vision and support each employee as the company continues to move forward." Judith Maiffret replaces Geneviève Lepelletier following her retirement after 10 years as head of human resources for the Alsace-based group.