For the first time this year, part of the main Dakar bivouac is to be powered by an innovative mobile energy production and storage system. This technology supplied by Socomec, partner of the main contractor GCK-Energy, is a first step towards a greener rally-raid.

From 11th to 13th January 2021, the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), the company organising the Dakar rally, has taken a decisive step towards its goal of running a zero-carbon emission event. At ASO's request, the GCK-Energy company has deployed a new mobile energy storage solution to supply green energy to the NEOM bivouac. This power supply will limit the use of generators using running on fossil fuels.


A major innovation for the reduction of carbon emissions

Le container de stockage d’énergie mobile associé aux panneaux solaires Crédits photo @GCK

The technical solution implemented by GCK-Energy was designed by Socomec. This involves the "SUNSYS Mobile" innovation, a new ultra-mobile electricity storage solution equipped with lithium-ion batteries supplied by another partner in the project, the IBS company. This zero-emission, all-terrain system has been designed to be a responsible alternative or complement to the use of noisy and polluting generators.


In the NEOM bivouac, the press centre, the TV wall and the participants' reception were powered by solar energy produced and stored on site during the 3 days of activity.


Socomec's teams have been working on the subject of mobile energy storage for several years. Ivan Steyert, CEO of Socomec explains: "Mobile electricity storage is a major innovation that we have been working on for many years through our partnership with IBS. Following the success of the E'Car pilot project in 2019, we are now able to offer our customers a unique, industrialised solution for supplying temporary loads without carbon emissions. Socomec is very proud to put its expertise at the service of GCK Energy, which is committed to providing green power solutions, particularly in the context of tomorrow's motor sport."


Le véhicule GCK e-Blast 1 dans son environnement technique Crédits photo @GCK

Building the motor racing of tomorrow

In addition to temporary infrastructures such as the Dakar bivouac, the technology designed by Socomec is also adapted to the constraints inherent in motor sport. The GCK e-Blast 1, an electric rally-cross vehicle, is recharged with solar energy in the middle of the desert thanks to the technological support of Socomec and IBS, the designer of the vehicle's batteries. This initiative, sponsored by Socomec, is another step towards greener and more responsible motor racing.