With sponsorship from Socomec and other Alsatian companies, the Télécom Physique Strasbourg school has recruited Thomas Lampert, an internationally-renowned researcher, for its new chair in "Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence".

An internationally acclaimed researcher

Socomec has made a five-year commitment to sponsor the new "Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence" chair at the Telecom Physique Strasbourg School of Engineering within the University of Strasbourg (Unistra). The Strasbourg School of Physics aims to train high-level engineers, particularly in the fields of big data analysis, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. In September 2018, it created, with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Unistra, a new 3-year engineering course in data sciences and artificial intelligence. To enhance this curriculum, Unistra has recruited, through corporate sponsorship, Thomas Lampert, an internationally acclaimed expert researcher in AI. In addition to Socomec, Crédit Mutuel, Electricité de Strasbourg, Hager, Heppner and 2CRSI and have also agreed to join the partnership.


Making advances in matters of predictive maintenance

In return for its sponsorship, Socomec will be involved in the development of the training curriculum for the new chair and will be able to submit topics to engineering students as part of their study projects, for example on issues such as predictive maintenance. “The use of AI algorithms on the data from our equipment could help optimise maintenance operations for our customers”, says Jean-Marc Hornsperger, Director of Research and Development at Socomec. “It could also help optimize energy consumption or enable the development of new applications dedicated to the monitoring of electrical installations. The engineering students at Telecom Physique Strasbourg could enable us to make major progress on these strategic issues.”