ATyS bypass Single Line enclosures ensure automatic switching to the available source in case of power failure. This ensures continuity of power supply, human safety and critical loads such as sprinklers, lifts, water pumps, etc.
In addition, they ensure continuity of service during inspection, maintenance and testing operations, as well as complete isolation of the automatic transfer switches for safe intervention without load interruption.
The ATyS Bypass Single Line version can be used to bypass the priority source.

Conformity to standards

IEC 61439-2
IEC 60947-6-1
IEC 60947-3
BS 60947-6-1
BS 9999:2017
BS 8519:2020


Bypass - no outage

In addition to its primary switching operation function, the ATyS Bypass devices can be used to fully isolate the ATS and ensure service continuity during inspection, maintenance and testing operations, without load outage, in fully safe conditions.

100% manufacturer certified solution

ATyS Bypass is a reliable and safe solution certified by independent third party LOVAG/ASEFA in accordance with standard IEC 61439-2.
The Socomec products used in it are recognised for their robustness and performance in line with standards IEC 60947-3 and IEC 60947-6-1.

24/7 monitoring

The Solive* application is available with this solution and allows users to monitor their equipment in real time and schedule maintenance. This application automatically shows the latest status of all your equipment, displays alarms, and sends real-time notifications of unscheduled events.

Customised solution

ATyS enclosures can be adapted in line with your specifications. There are a wide range of options available to meet different needs (connection type, tin-plated bars, monitoring mimic panel, measurements, etc.).


  • Data center - Power availability for precision cooling
  • Data center - Power availability for telecom
  • Healthcare - Critical power for operating theatre
  • Building - Power availability for life safety

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