Rennes University Hospital

Loïc BARDOU, Maintenance Manager for the Rennes University Hospital, explain why he choose Socomec


The Rennes University Hospital has eleven standard procedure radiology rooms and five radiology rooms in their cardiology and pneumology centre. These rooms are equipped with advanced medical imaging and surgical assistance equipment that does not tolerate any power failure, however short.



In 2009, we wanted to secure the power supply to euro 4 million worth of electro-medical equipment used in five of our procedural radiology rooms with a solution that offered the best technical and economic compromise.
With Socomec, we opted for a 300 kVA DELPHYS MX UPS so as to aggregate this protective solution to all the five rooms. Combining a flywheel with the batteries also meant the system could absorb the peak currents you often get when running medical imaging equipment.

This sort of configuration also helps prevent premature ageing of the batteries. And of course, having a single piece of equipment to supply the five rooms means we were able to optimise our investment. Combining the flywheel with the batteries will also help us keep our maintenance and running costs down.


When the time came to make the final selection, we chose Socomec’s offer for their engineering expertise, advice, support and guidance in implementing this innovative and strategic project for the hospital’s radiology facilities.


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