Sarreguemines Hospital

Jean-Marie BICHLER, Head Hospital Engineer of the Sarreguemines Hospital, explains why he choose Socomec


The Sarreguemines hospital (268 beds) offers a full range of clinical services. The hospital’s technical facilities include a surgical unit, an obstetrics unit and an area reserved for medical imaging. The operating theatres have to remain operational round-the-clock. The role of the medical staff is to provide the right care to patients. For us, our job is to provide electrical facilities that work.


testimonial-sarreguemines-hospital_pic.jpgWe have to secure the power supply all eight operating theatres. The technical solution must provide maximum power availability to these theatres. The engineering consultants decided on having a dedicated power supply for each theatre.

Socomec was selected to equip every operating theatre with a medical IT distribution cabinet comprising a changeover switch at the level of section incomers, a modular UPS, an IMD and a medical IT transformer.

The products integrated in this cabinet are robust and reliable.


Carrying out maintenance procedures on one operating theatre does not compromise the availability of the others. We are confident with this solution.


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