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Residual core transformers, including the active conductors, establish the differential sum of the vector currents to detect leakage currents.
Closed ∆IC series models, these core transformers are suitable for all wiring configurations in new and existing systems.
Mounted on a DIN rail, plate or straight on the cable, these residual CTs adapt to any setup constraints for easier and faster wiring.


Reference Model Opening Rated current Secondary rated current Select
48290520 DELTA IC8 residual current transformer Diam.8,6 63 RJ12


Complete range

All dimensions and types are available for compatibility with busbar or cable configurations of all dimensions, for single-phase or three-phase applications.

Best performance

Thanks to a patented innovation, the conductors are perfectly centred in the residual CT to ensure accurate measurement and enhanced immunity to network interferences. It also means you can mount the core balance transformer directly on a cable.

High sensitivity

Residual CTs are able to measure leakage currents starting at 3 mA allowing you to detect insulation degradations early on.

Clear alarm indication

The T-10 RJ12 adaptor integrates an alarm LED to quickly locate RCM alarms inside electrical panels.

Plug & Play

- Direct mechanical and electrical connections to the residual current transformer.
- RJ 12 connection to the DIRIS Digiware R-60 for simplified integration of the Digiware system.

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