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The DIRIS B is a power monitoring device in a modular format that communicates via RS485. The 4 RJ12 independent current inputs of the device allow it to manage several types and number of circuits: for example 4 single-phase loads or 1 three-phase load + 1 single-phase load.
The DIRIS B is connected to current sensors (RJ12 connection) that are suitable for all types of installation: solid TE, split-core TR/iTR, and flexible TF current sensors.

Conformity to standards

IEC 61557-12, UL 61010 Guide PICQ File E257746, ANSI C12.20, EN 50160


Item Model Application Type Communication protocols Communication ports Select
48290010 B-10 Metering Power Monitoring Device Modbus RTU RS485
48290000 B-30 Analysis Power Monitoring Device Modbus RTU RS485
48290000-C B-30


Plug & Play

The RJ12 cable provides a quick, easy and reliable connection and avoids wiring errors. The automatic product addressing and set-up (communication address, load type, sensor type and ratio) simplifies implementation and saves time.

Class 0.5 in accordance with IEC 61557-12

- Class 0.2 for the meter alone.
- Class 0.5 from 2% to 120% of rated current for the global measurement chain (linked with TE/iTR/TF current sensors).


4 current measurement inputs allow you to configure multiple circuits in order to optimise the number of measurement devices per installation.


The DIRIS B can be linked with:
- A remote DIRIS D-30 screen for displaying measurement and metering data.
- DIRIS Digiware M-50/M-70 gateways to centralise and communicate data via Ethernet. The M-70 gateway has the WEBVIEW-M webserver embedded, to remotely view measurement data.
- Optional communication modules (a second RS485 port or PROFIBUS DP). You can also link digital or analogue input/output modules as well as temperature input modules.


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